1. Welcome and Instructions

1. Welcome and Instructions

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Welcome to the Frontier Army Museum's audio tour. Please listen to the instruction to learn how to navigate the application.

The Frontier Army Museum collects, preserves, and safeguards material culture of the United States Army and uses its holdings to support Professional Military Education, collections-based research, the development of educational materials, and educational initiatives to inform the public concerning the history of the Frontier Army, the Combined Arms Center, and Fort Leavenworth.

Additionally, the Frontier Army Museum uses its collection and facilities to educate soldiers and Department of the Army civilians by providing venues for professional development and for public and strategic communications in support of the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth.

  • <p>Frontier Army Museum currently resides in Andrews Hall, building 801. This building was constructed in 1942 as an education hall during WWII.</p>